Finance minister criticises new Greek government

There are serious doubts whether new PM Alexis Tsipras can fulfill his promises of an end to austerity.
Reacting to the new left-wing government in Greece, Sweden’s finance minister says she is mainly happy the neo-Nazi party did not get more votes.

Minister Magdalena Andersson (Social Democrat) is sceptical the new government can achieve its aim of renegotiating Greece’s massive debt.

“The Eurozone has made a loan in euros, and if the Greeks aren’t using that currency it’ll be hard for them to pay it back,” she says to SVT Agenda.

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The new Greek government is led by the rising Syriza party, which won a surprising landslide. Syriza is significantly more left-wing than the Social Democrats and is allied with the farthest left-wing group in the EU parliament.
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Source News: Radio Sweden
Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/TT