Solar Impulse 2 leaves Abu Dhabi for around-the-world trip

A record-breaking attempt to fly around the world in a plane using only solar power has been launched in Abu Dhabi. The landmark journey aims to promote green energy.
First round-the-world solar flight takes off

In a possible transportation breakthrough, a solar-powered plane left Abu Dhabi at 7:12 a.m. (0412 UTC) Monday, beginning the first attempt to circumnavigate the world without fossil fuel.
André Borschberg sat at the controls of the single-seater Solar Impulse 2 when it departed from Al Bateen Executive Airport. He will trade off piloting with co-founder Bertrand Piccard during stopovers.

The plane, which operates on 17,000 solar cells and four 17.5-horsepower electric motors, aims to create awareness about replacing “old polluting technologies with clean and efficient technologies.”
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Source News: DW
Photo: Reuters