Germanwings recovery operations: live updates

Investigators in Paris say they have successfully extracted recordings from the Germanwings cockpit voice recorder found on Tuesday. The plane crashed in the French Alps, killing 150. DW is updating with the latest.

19:45 – So, in summary: Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr announced various flights from Spain and Germany for the relatives and friends, to begin tomorrow. The company is offering those affected psychological and financial support. Repeated that one black box has been found, the other not yet, and that voices had been heard on on the one that was recovered yesterday. Spohr said it was incomprehensible to him and the company that the plane crashed, and that it was distressing that the plane was in small pieces. Aviation experts have said that small pieces tend to suggest plane crashed without a prior explosion.

19:40 – Spohr: we are confident to find the second black box. We are above water. I think we are confident to be able to reconstruct what happened.

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19:39 – Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr says there was no distress signal from the plane received.

19:38 – Spohr: the aircraft got a clean maintenance bill when it was checked two days ago in Düsseldorf. Says it was in perfect technical shape.

19:35 – Spohr was asked by a journalist why the plane was delayed before it took off. Spohr said it was because of congestion at the airport. “No relation to the incident whatsoever.”

19:35 – Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr: We know we can never make up the loss. This accident has caused terrible pain.

19:34 – Spohr says he’s very glad the first flight recorder was recovered, and that an audio stream is readable. Hopes the second will be found soon, which “will provide a complete picture of the accident.”

19:32 – Spohr says psychological support is being given, as well as immediate financial help, for those affected.

19:31 – Lufthansa and Germanwings are giving a joint press conference. CEO Carsten Spohr says there will be a special flight tomorrow from Barcelona to Marseilles for victims’ families.

19:26 – The US State Department says three Americans were on board the Germanwings plane that crashed on Tuesday. It says authorities are in contact with family members:
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