Germany’s Rhineland celebrates Carnival, despite terror fears

Celebrations have been in full swing across Germany’s Carnival strongholds. Despite the cancelation of a procession on Sunday because of a terror alert, the party spirit on Rose Monday appeared to be undiminished.

Rose Monday celebrations went ahead in Germany’s Carnival hotspots on Monday, in the wake of a terror alert that saw the cancelation of a procession through the northern city of Braunschweig.

In the country’s Rhineland region, the traditional celebration ahead of Lent attracted hundreds of thousands of revelers, with the biggest events taking place in the cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz.

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In Cologne, scores of carnival floats – from which sweets are thrown to spectators – were prepared in advance, many with political and satirical themes. Other floats were a little more down to earth in nature.
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Source News: DW