Greek debt crisis – live updates

The Greek government has closed banks as Athens and its creditors enter the last 48 hours to strike a deal over Greece’s debt or the nation risks bankruptcy. Read the latest here.

11:50 German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called a special Monday afternoon meeting with parliamentary leaders to discuss the Greek crisis.

11:23 Urging Greek voters to say “yes” on the bailout referendum, Jean-Claude Juncker tells the Greeks that if they do so, the message for the EU and wider world will be that “Greece wants to stay in the eurozone and the EU.”

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11:07 Juncker says that playing one democracy against 18 others is beneath the dignity of the Greek nation. He argues that despite what has been said, the latest offer to Greece includes no pension cuts, no wage cuts, and promotes social fairness.

10:56 Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, says he “feels a little betrayed” after a “particularly sad” weekend for Europe, wherein “selfishness…took precedence” over “good will.” He also alluded to “blackmail,” a phrase used by Prime Minister Tsipras (for example in the tweet below), and asked “blackmail by whom?” Juncker called for “virtuous, respectful dialogue…for the good of everyone.”

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Source News: DW