Greek PM Tsipras demands agreement amid third bailout request

Greece has formally applied for a third bailout from the European Stability Mechanism. The announcement has followed Greek PM Tsipras’ address to the EU Parliament, in which he demanded a “viable” solution to the crisis.

For the first time since assuming office in January, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressed the European Parliament on Wednesday.
Tsipras told the democratically-elected body that Greece demands a “viable” agreement with its neighbors that would signal its exit from the crisis.

“This is not a decision of breaking off negotiations…it is a return to the values of democracy,” Tsipras said, referring to Sunday’s referendum, which witnessed a vote of 61 percent against a proposal put forth by Greece’s creditors, namely the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF).
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Source News: DW