Houthi allies ‘accept Saudi ceasefire proposal’ in Yemen

Yemeni troops fighting alongside Houthi rebels have reportedly agreed to a ceasefire proposed by Saudi Arabia. The deal follows intense bombing of rebel positions in the north of the country.

Yemen has accepted a five-day ceasefire that had been proposed by Saudi Arabia earlier in the week, according to a spokesman for Yemen’s troops, allied with the Shiite Houthi rebels.

The Saudis said the temporary truce would begin on Tuesday, giving donors a chance to get much needed humanitarian aid into the country, but stressed the plan could not go ahead without the rebels’ agreement.

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“Following mediation from friendly countries to establish a humanitarian truce that would end the tyrannical blockade and permit commercial ships to reach Yemeni ports and allow humanitarian aid in, we announce our agreement to the humanitarian truce,” spokesman Col. Sharaf Luqman told the rebel-controlled Saba news agency.
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Source News: DW