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Two officials at the Ministry of Administrative Development and Labor said that the new minimum wage law and facilitating a worker’s transfer to another employer aims to attract skilled workers and raise productivity in companies.

Fahad Al-Dossary, Director of the Labor Inspection Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs – said in an interview with Qatar TV on Sunday evening – that the minimum wage is the total amount that the user should receive regardless of the skill or work he performs.

He added that the total that the recruited person gets should not be less than 1,000 riyals as a basic salary, 500 riyals for a housing allowance and 300 riyals for a food allowance, and if the employer provides a housing and food allowance, the worker will receive a salary of 1,000 riyals as a basic salary, and if he provides housing without food, the worker will receive 1300, but if he does not He provides him with either housing or food. He will receive a total of 1800 riyals unless there is an agreement between the employer and the employee on more than this amount.
Deterrent penalties 
Al-Dossary said that the penalties for violating the minimum wage were tightened, indicating that the previous punishment was imprisonment for a month and now it has become a year, and the maximum fine was also raised from 6 thousand to 10 thousand.

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As for the penalties for violating housing, Al-Dossary explained that it has become imprisonment for a period of 6 months, a fine of not less than 2000 and not more than 100 thousand, and tightening in case of return for the violation.

He added that the determination of the minimum wage was done after the formation of a national committee of the concerned authorities and the determination of the minimum wage amount, indicating that the goal of determining the minimum wage is to attract skilled workers, raise the economic level and raise productivity in companies