Humax, a leading gateway developer “dedicated to providing better content delivery systems for consumers through continuous research, development and innovation”, has appointed Jumbo Electronics as its official distributor in Qatar.
With 20 overseas subsidiaries and branches across the globe, Humax currently provides 80 major broadcasting companies and mobile carriers with high-quality video gateways, set-top boxes and broadband gateways, Jumbo Electronics has said in a statement.
Humax Free-to-Air Receivers are available across Jumbo Electronics showrooms, leading hypermarkets and retailers and can also be shopped online at
Founded in 1989, Humax has been selling its devices in Qatar for many years and, “in a bid to provide better service to its customers, it has appointed Jumbo Electronics as its official distributor in the country”, the statement noted.
Since the beginning, Humax has focused on performing extensive R&D in the field of digital technology. In 1996, it became the first company in Asia and the third in the world to successfully develop the digital satellite set-top box, paving the way for its current leadership in the world’s gateway market.
Jumbo Electronics is one of the leading business groups in Qatar offering a diverse range of products and services across its various business verticals in consumer electronics and durables retailing, distribution, e-commerce, telecom services, B2B, MEP and after-sales service, the statement added.