The old man is seen moving and gasping for air inside the refrigerator

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 In a strange incident, an elderly Indian man returned to life from among the bodies in a refrigerator to keep the dead and was placed in it for 24 hours, after his family announced his death.

The story began, according to the British newspaper The Independent, when “Balasubramaniam”, 74-year-old Kumar from Tamil Nadu, India, was put in the refrigerator on Monday by his family after they noticed that he had stopped moving.

For the past two months, Kumar has been suffering from diseases related to aging, and he was living with his younger brother Sarvanan, who is 70, in the village of Kandhambati in Salem District. He thought that his brother, who was sick and suffering from seizures, had died, according to Al Jazeera Net.

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Sarvanan asked a funeral services company to provide the body freeze box, and he called several relatives to inform them of the last rites planned for the next day, and when the funeral services company, on Tuesday, came to retrieve the freeze box, the surprise occurred, as the company employees noticed that it was shivering, then Make sure he is alive. 

Immediately, they sounded an alarm to help him, and told the police to be rescued and hospitalized, but he died by the end of the week.

And in a video clip that became widespread and sparked anger in India, the old man was seen moving and panting for air inside the refrigerator, while his brother kept assuring others that he had died, even when the man behind the camera told him that Kumar’s hand was trembling inside the box.

It is worth noting that the Indian man’s family has been detained by the police under Articles 287 (Negligent Behavior Endangering Human Life) and 336 (Act that Threatens the Life or Personal Safety of Others) of the Indian Penal Code, a preliminary charge sheet that may change and become more stringent after Kumar dies.