Injuries after train crash near Zurich
Two passenger trains have collided causing injuries and disrupting commuter routes into Zurich. The collision has occurred at the train station Rafz, a town some 20 miles (35 kilometers) north of the financial capital.

“There was an accident this morning, it’s serious, there are injured,” police spokeswoman Cornelia Schuoler said without providing any other details. The incident occurred at 6.45 am local time, she added.
A rescue worker, who refused to give his name, told the newspaper 20 minutes that as many as 49 people had been injured in the crash. However, this information was not immediately confirmed by officials.

An 18-year-old passenger on the commuter train told the paper that it had just begun pulling out of the Rafz station on its way to Schaffhouse when the conductor hit the breaks.
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Source News: DW