(CNN) – Dancing to their favorite rapper Lacrim, in a nightclub on Brussels chic Avenue Louise, this is a side of the Paris attackers that has never been seen before.

Brahim Abdeslam, clearly visible, with a cigarette in his hand, flirts with a blonde girl while his younger brother Salah, dressed in an orange sweatshirt, whoops along with the group in the background.

The date is February 8, 2015.
Just over eight months later, Brahim would blow himself up at a cafe in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. His suicide was part of a deadly ISIS mission whose cell would kill 130 people and injure hundreds more. Salah would become the only known member of that cell to survive and go on the run.

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Fast forward another year to March 2016 and Salah is captured in the Belgian capital, which itself is rocked by its own twin attacks, bringing the effects the Abdeslams’ terror network right to heart of their home city — a city where those who knew the brothers reflect on how so many of their inner circle could have been radicalized so quickly.