Iraqi troops push ‘Islamic State’ out of key towns

Government soldiers and tribal militias have driven “Islamic State” out of two strategic towns in one day. The push is part of a large-scale offensive to retake the cities of Tikrit and Mosul from the militants.

Iraqi government forces alongside allied tribal militia have retaken the town of Al-Baghdadi from “Islamic State” (IS) terrorists, the US military said on Friday. The small town on the Euphrates river was of strategic importance because IS had threatened to attack the nearby airbase where US troops train their Iraqi counterparts.

“Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters from the Anbar region have successfully cleared Al-Baghdadi of IS, retaking both the police station and three Euphrates River bridges,” read a statement from the headquarters of the US-led coalition against IS, which claimed to have launched 26 airstrikes against IS in the area since they took the town on February 13.
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Source News: DW