Fears mount over all-out Israel-Hezbollah war

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Lebanon’s Hezbollah will pay the “full price” after missiles killed two Israeli soldiers. The exchanged artillery fire has raised fears of another all-out war.

A Spanish UN peacekeeper was also killed as Israel and Hezbollah exchanged artillery fire on Wednesday near the village of Ghajar on the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan Heights.

According to Roman Oyarzun Marchesi, the Spanish ambassador to the United Nations (UN), the Spanish blue-helmet was killed by fire which “came from the Israeli side.”
Seven other soldiers were also wounded after the Hezbollah-fired missiles hit an Israeli military convoy. The attack, carried out by a group called the “righteous martyrs of Quneitra,” was an apparent retaliation for a deadly airstrike in Syria earlier this month.
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Source News: DW