Kenya faces ‘moment of peril and promise,’ says Obama

US President Barack Obama has addressed the Kenyan nation shortly before concluding a historic visit to the country. He urged Kenyans to remain united to ensure a prosperous future, emphasizing equal rights for women.

In his televised address before an audience of thousands of invited guests packed into Nairobi’s Kasarani stadium, Obama first thanked Kenyans for their hospitality during his visit, saying he was proud to be the first US president to come to Kenya – adding, in a humorous aside, that he was also proud to be the first Kenyan president of the United States.

In the speech, Obama said Kenya was at a crossroads, “a moment filled with peril but also with enormous promise.”
He praised the advances made by Kenya in recent years, saying Kenyans had chosen to stay together rather than fall apart on ethnic lines, and that the country was one that observed freedom of the press.
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Source News: DW