Louisiana water’s deadly rise: ‘We’re praying it stops’

Swollen rivers in Louisiana are expected to continue rising Monday, with deadly flood waters displacing tens of thousands of people and a state of emergency declared.

The flood waters have claimed at least five victims — one in Tangipahoa Parish, two in East Baton Rouge Parish and two in St. Helena Parish.

Louisiana water's deadly rise

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Meanwhile, Gov. John Bel Edwards told media Sunday that more than 7,000 people had to be rescued from their homes over the weekend.

On Sunday night, President Obama granted Edwards’ request for an emergency declaration to assist in response and recovery efforts. So far, the governor has deployed the Louisiana National Guard, which mobilized 1,700 soldiers to assist in search and rescue. Military police are assisting local law enforcement with security.

The Coast Guard said it had rescued more than 118 people and assisted more than 766 in Baton Rouge Sunday.

Louisiana water's deadly rise

Private citizens also contributed to search and rescue efforts but the flood waters continue to claim victims. (CNN)