Malaysia Airlines sends out 20,000 termination letters

Thousands of Malaysia Airlines employees have received letters of termination but most will be asked to rejoin the embattled carrier after a rebranding. The firm wants to become profitable again after a harrowing year.

Malaysia Airlines on Monday laid out plans for an across-the-board “hard reset” during which the company would lay off 20,000 workers but ask 14,000 of them to return to an entirely new, restructured airline.

The carrier plans to reinvent itself by metamorphosing into a new brand as of September 1 as it seeks to repair the damage to the airline’s image suffered after two disastrous plane crashes in 2014.

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New Chief Executive Christoph Müller said the airline hoped to “stop the bleeding” in 2015, stabilize next year and start growing again by 2017.
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Source News: DW