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A number of managers of travel and tourism offices confirmed their readiness to recover the value of the tickets paid for their customers who wish to change travel dates to various destinations and destinations, describing Qatar Airways’ commitment to return the value of tickets as a qualitative initiative that is well received by travelers and confirms the vital role of the carrier in light of the Corona Covid-19 pandemic that affected On the components of the international travel sector, adding that the Qatar Airways initiative to change the date and dates of travel for an unlimited number of times would create multiple options for travelers and also contribute effectively to enriching the travel industry, stressing that the travel and tourism offices are an active and main supporter for all Qatar Airways initiatives. Which is on the throne of the global travel industry.

Abdul Latif: Providing easy and flexible services for travelers

Tariq Abdul Latif, CEO of Regency Travel and Tourism, said: “The travel and tourism offices are following the example of Qatar Airways in recovering the value of air tickets due to the new developments that have occurred in the travel world as a result of the Corona Covid-19 epidemic, indicating that any airline takes back the value of tickets for its customers. The Regency Travel and Tourism returns the value of tickets without any deduction in appreciation of the desire of travelers who wish to change or cancel their reservations, explaining in this context that Qatar Airways has provided a flexible reservation initiative, stressing that this initiative has met with unprecedented approval and acceptance from travelers at various destinations to which it flies. The tanker, Abdul Latif said, “Qatar Airways is always proactive in providing quality initiatives that serve the components of the travel sector and providing easy, flexible and pioneering services to its traveling customers, which earned it their confidence and became their approved airline, pointing out that local travel and tourism offices spare no effort to provide all the support and assistance to airlines. Qatar Airways, which sits on the throne of the global aviation industry, to enhance its successes at all levels and levels.

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Abdul Latif said: “Qatar Airways is currently leading the recovery phase of the global travel sector, and during the Corona crisis it was able to transport millions of international travelers to their countries in safety and peace compared to other international airlines that preferred to stop their flights to all destinations and destinations, which made the airline the airline. The only reliable and trusted global destination for travelers.

Al Taweel: Retrieving tickets increases confidence in the sector

Saleh Al-Taweel, Director General of International Travel and Tourism said: “Travel and tourism offices have begun to pay travel ticket entitlements to their customers traveling to different destinations and destinations, based on the Qatar Airways initiative in which many travelers have recovered the value of their tickets due to the effects of the Coronavirus Covid-19 on the travel sector. Al-Alamiah, stressing that with this distinguished initiative, Qatar Airways gained the credibility and confidence of travelers from all over the world, as it worked to enrich the travel experience through the multiple options it offered, whether refunding the ticket value or exchanging it for a voucher suitable for travel, and Al-Tawil said:Qatar Airways is a pioneering airline with multiple initiatives serving the local and global travel sector, noting in this context that the airline was able during the last period to help millions of travelers stranded outside their countries and bring them back to their home countries according to the highest safety standards and safety data at a time when airlines were suspended. The other is its operational operations, explaining that Qatar Airways has become an example to be emulated in the upscale and pioneering dealing and a good example for all global airlines, and Al-Taweel said: Among the other distinguished initiatives put forward by Qatar Airways is the reservation policy that is characterized by maximum flexibility, stressing that this policy has met with approval and acceptance. The company’s customers, whether in the local or global market, and the initiative to change the travel date for an unlimited number of times and change the destination of travel as long as it is less than 5 thousand miles from the original destination are valuable initiatives that achieve a qualitative addition to the travel sector.

Laqmouche: Travel agencies are a major supporter of the initiatives

Khaled Laqmoush, Director General of Al Muftah Travel and Tourism Agency said: “Qatar Airways is always proactive in introducing positive initiatives aimed at meeting the desires and requirements of travelers around the world, describing the Qatar Airways initiative to pay more than $ 1.2 billion to customers for more than 600,000 passengers since last March. It is an excellent initiative, stressing that the Muftah Travel and Tourism Agency has worked to recover the value of tickets for its customers and has followed the example of Qatar Airways, which is considered the best airline in the world, noting that the travel and tourism offices are a major supporter and actor of various Qatar Airways initiatives, explaining that the airlines The Qatar Airways recovered the value of the tickets due to the conditions that the global travel sector is going through, which has been affected by the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19, and Laqmoush said,Qatar Airways has proven that it is the undisputed leader of the international aviation industry, as it has continued its five-star services in transporting millions of world travelers to their countries safely and peacefully compared to its counterparts from other international airlines that have suspended their flights to all destinations, indicating that the efforts of the airlines The great Qatar Airways was not limited to transporting passengers only, but also extended to the active freight movement that contributed to the transportation of millions of tons to all parts of the world. “The recovery by Qatar Airways of the value of tickets for its customers confirms its strength and that travelers can rely on it and trust in its distinguished services that it provides to its customers. Various global travel markets, noting that Qatar Airways follows a strict health strategy and precautionary measures to reach travelers to their final destination safely and securely.

Hoso: Greater flexibility in booking dates

Jihad Hoso, Director General of Overseas Travel and Tourism Agency, said: “Overseas Travel and Tourism Agency has begun to retrieve the entitlements of the value of travel tickets for its customers following the example of Qatar Airways, which has recovered the value of tickets for its customers due to the impact of the global travel sector with the Coronavirus Covid-19, indicating that the initiatives Qatar Airways did not stop at refunding the sums of money, but with it coincided with the absolute flexibility in travel reservations and by changing its date for a number of times, and Jihad Hoso said, “Qatar Airways has been able, through these qualitative initiatives, to gain the confidence and trust of travelers and its five-star services as a airline company. She puts the interest of the traveler and its business partners in mind, and said, “Qatar Airways is one of the few international airlines that has not stopped its flight path and its operational network has not been disrupted during the Corona crisis, as it was able to transport millions of travelers to their countries safely and peacefully, which earned it the confidence of travelers and international airports by taking a set of strict precautionary measures to enhance the travel experience. On board its aircraft, noting in this context that Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport were able during this crisis to provide an ideal travel experience, whether for airlines or travelers, by activating a series of medical procedures through the use of advanced technological data.