Meet the armless teacher who straps chalk to his limb in order to teach poverty-stricken children in a tiny Chinese village

An armless man has won respect from Chinese web users for bringing knowledge and hope to a remote mountainous village despite his disability.

Jiang Shengfa, 41, has been the substitute teacher at Anle Primary School in Chang’an Village, Yunan Province, for a dozen of years.

In a place where young people refuse to work and live, the strong-willed man straps chalk to his limb and uses his mouth to flip books in order to teach a class of around 40 pupils, reported People’s Daily Online.

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Mr Jiang lost both arms in an electric shock accident while he was helping neighbours fix high-voltage wires in 1996.

The man had been a teacher in Chinese Language for more than two decades before that.

In 2003, the Anle Primary School, which is located in a mountainous village in the province of Yunnan, was looking for a teacher.

Due to its remote location and underprivileged living conditions, the village had a hard time recruiting faculty.
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Source News: Daily Mail