MH17 probe finds ‘possible’ Russian BUK missile parts

The team reviewing the cause of the fatal crash of MH17 has said they have discovered what may be parts of an anti-aircraft missile near the site. Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels have blamed each other for the incident.

Dutch authorities investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 announced on Tuesday that they have found what could be parts of a Russian-made BUK missile at the site of the tragedy in eastern Ukraine.

The investigators in the Netherlands, with international assistance, were probing “several parts, possibly originating from a BUK surface-air-missile system,” according to a statement from prosecutors and the Dutch Safety Board (OVV). The authorities had previously said they considered a missile strike the most likely cause of the crash, but Tuesday’s announcement marked the first time they conceded possible tangible evidence of a missile.

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Source News: DW