Niger, Chad troops open new front against terror group Boko Haram

Chad and Niger have launched a major offensive against militant group Boko Haram in neighboring Nigeria. The fresh assault comes a day after the Islamists pledged allegiance to “Islamic State.”

The joint air and ground operation got underway on Sunday, military sources said, signaling a significant escalation in regional efforts to defeat Boko Haram.
“We can confirm that Chadian and Nigerien forces launched an offensive this morning from Niger. The offensive is underway,” Chad army spokesman Col. Azem Bermandoa said.

Chad had previously sent troops deep into northeastern Nigeria as part of a mission to retake territory captured by the Sunni militants during their six-year insurgency in the region. Sunday’s offensive, however, marks the first serious incursion into Nigeria by troops from Niger, which have thus far has only engaged in battles with the militants in the border area.
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Source News: DW