Northern Ireland’s government teeters, as First Minister Robinson resigns

Peter Robinson is quitting Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government, along with all but one of his Democratic Unionist cabinet colleagues. An August murder, linked to the IRA by police, brought on the breakdown.

Robinson said on Thursday evening, shortly after rival parties rejected his proposal to suspend the Stormont parliament in Northern Ireland, that he would uphold his earlier threat and quit government. Robinson’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which favors continued UK membership, is the largest in the assembly.

“In light of the decision to continue with business as usual in the Assembly, I am therefore standing aside as first minister and other DUP ministers will resign with immediate effect with the exception of Arlene Foster,” Robinson told reporters after crisis talks in Belfast. “I have asked Arlene to remain in her post as finance minister and acting first minister to ensure that nationalists and republicans are not able to take financial and other decisions that may be detrimental to Northern Ireland.”

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Source News: DW