EU foreign policy chief: ‘Peace in Syria won’t stop migrant influx’

Even peace in Syria won’t put an end to the unprecedented flow of migrants into Europe, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has said. Refugees will simply continue coming from other regions.

“Let’s not delude ourselves. Today, Syria is in a prominent position, with 4 million refugees abroad and 8 million displaced on Syrian territories. But beyond Syria, there is a world of wars, famine and misery,” Mogherini told the Italian “La Repubblica” newspaper on Friday.

Thousands of people are fleeing a protracted war in Syria and heading to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. The arrival of these refugees has sparked a refugee crisis unseen in Europe since World War II, with many governments imposing strict border checks to impede and manage the overflow of migrants. Germany and other European countries have pledged to take thousands of asylum-seekers as a gesture of solidarity.

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Source News: DW