Police arrest man for committing ‘pure torture’ on one person and may be linked to six ‘missing or murdered’ Ohio mothers

Felony charges have been filed against a man accused of torturing a victim with silverware heated on a stove and other instruments.

Police also claim that Ernest ‘Dollar Bill’ Moore, 39, may be able to shed some light on the murders and disappearance of six women in Ross County, Ohio.
He turned himself in on Thursday night after the Missing Women’s Task Force issued a warrant for his arrest nationwide.

On Friday he was indicted on charges of felonious assault and kidnapping, according to WBNS-10.

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Police Chief Keith Washburn called the kidnap incident ‘pure torture’, after the victim was ‘punched, kicked, assaulted with a broom, possibly raped with the broom, and burned with lighter fluid, silverware heated from the stove and boiling hot water,’ the Chillicothe Gazette reported.

The male victim told police that he went to Moore’s house to buy drugs and was immediately bound with Duct tape and placed inside a duffel bag to be transported to another house.
He told police that he was able to escape the next day and went into hiding before being taken to hospital by his mother.

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Source News: Daily Mail