Police car ploughs into Walpurgis revellers

An unmarked police car drove into a crowd of students celebrating Walpurgis night at a busy Stockholm town square after responding to reports of a fight and on Friday two people remained in hospital with suspected concussions.

In a video shown on tabloid Aftonbladet’s website, the grey car is seen speeding across the Medborgarplatsen square in Stockholm’s Södermalm district and smashing into a group of young people wearing white student caps. The incident took place outside a popular outdoor drinking spot shortly after 6 p.m. on Walpurgis night.

Four people were brought to hospital. The police told Aftonbladet that there must have been “something wrong with the car”.

“It is unfortunate when people get injured by a police car that is not going to stop,” Towe Hägg, information officer at the Stockholm police, said.
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Source News: Radio Sweden
Photo: Mikael Eriksson , Swedish Radio listener