Rural Ottawa community Prepares for weekend Hells Angels gathering

Police may be warning residents in Ottawa to steer clear as hundreds of Hells Angels members descend on the city this weekend, but the community playing host to the group is banking on a safe and profitable weekend.

More than 700 Hells Angels members and affiliates will be in Ottawa this weekend for what is being called the organization’s largest gathering in Canadian history.

Carlsbad Springs, a rural community located in rural southeast Ottawa, will be the centre of the action, however, residents can expect to see lots of motorcycles in downtown Ottawa as well.

Police say many of the Hells Angels members are hardened career criminals, but people in Carlsbad Springs say the bikers who live there year-round are typically quiet neighbours who cause no trouble.

With hundreds of members rolling through Carlsbad Springs to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their Ontario chapter, bars and restaurant owners are preparing for a busy weekend.

“We added some extra staff,” said Kennedy Gaudet, who works at D & S Southern Comfort BBQ. “It’s going to be busy, I’m sure.”

Earlier this week, police said they would be beefing up their presence ahead of the Hells Angels convention.

The Hells Angels are a notorious crime organization, and some of their members have been convicted for crimes related to extortion, drugs and murder.