Russian jet shot down by Turkey

Putin calls downing a ‘stab in the back’

Turkish F-16 fighter jets shoot down Russian warplane after airspace violation
A Russian warplane has been shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jets after it violated Turkish air space. NATO ambassadors are to meet in a special session later in the day to discuss the incident.

Following initial reports on Tuesday that the identity of the warplane was unknown, Turkish presidential sources said shortly after the incident that the aircraft was Russian.
“A Russian Su-24 plane was downed under the rules of engagement because it violated the Turkish air space despite the warnings,” Turkey’s presidency said.

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Don’t be too alarmed by Putin’s tough talking, cautions Russia analyst and New York University professor Mark Galeotti. In a blogpost on his first thought about the incident, he says:

I suspect neither Moscow nor, at the very least, the other European Nato powers will want to let this go too far. Russia cannot fight hot diplomatic wars on too many fronts, and Europe clearly wants Moscow to be part of the solution in Syria and maybe Ukraine, too. And, frankly, there is in many capitals concern about Turkey, its agenda and its role in the region. Much will depend on where Washington falls, of course, but if Moscow can get even a crumb of contrition from Ankara or sympathy from Europe, then we can expect this to be splashed on Russian TV and allow the Kremlin to let this slide a little.

But even in this best-case scenario, I don’t imagine that will be the end to it. Moscow has already been willing to operate inside Turkey covertly, and is engaged in political tussles over influence in the South Caucasus as well as Middle East. I would expect some uptick in ‘mischief’ – perhaps some support for the Kurds or other violent extreme movements, for example – as well as a more assiduous campaign to push back and stymie Turkish regional ambitions.

It’s often said, with good reason, that Putin really wants a return to 19th century geopolitics, when might made right and realpolitik was all. Let’s not forget that one of the defining 19thcentury conflicts was that between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, which were sometimes openly at war, sometimes ostensibly at peace, but never anything than enemies. Here we go again.

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Shaun Walker reports more sabre-rattling in Moscow.

Writing on Twitter Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliament’s international relations committee, said: “Ankara clearly did not weigh the consequences of its hostile acts for Turkey’s interests and economy. The consequences will be very serious.”


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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called an emergency security meeting involving his top generals, heads of intelligence, Prime Minister Davutoğlu and other senior ministers, CNN Turk and others report.


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Turkey’s news agency Dogan repeats reports that Turkmen commanders have stated that their forces shot both Russian pilots while they were parachuting down, and that they have the bodies.

This is also unconfirmed. There have been conflicting reports about the fate of the pilots. One appeared to be dead in disturbing and unverified video footage.

There are unconfirmed reports by Syrian rebels that a Russia helicopter has been shot over Syria’s Latakia province while trying to recover the pilots of the downed jet.


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