Silk Road creator Ulbricht sentenced to life

The US man convicted of being the mastermind behind the drug-selling website Silk Road has been sentenced to life in prison. Six people were said to have died from drugs bought on the site.

The San Francisco man, Ross Ulbricht, was sentenced by US District Judge Katherine Forrest in a New York court after his conviction in February on seven charges including narcotics distribution and conspiring to commit computer hacking and money laundering.

The judge said the Silk Road enterprise, which enabled more than $200 million (183.34 million euros) in online drug sales using the bitcoin digital currency, had resulted in at least six drug-related deaths. She also cited five people Ulbricht tried to have killed at a cost of $650,000.

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Forrest also demanded the forfeiture of $183.9 million in profits made from the Silk Road site, which Ulbricht, 31, operated from 2011 until his arrest in October 2013, using the alias “Dread Pirate Roberts,” taken from the film “The Princess Bride.”
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Source News: DW