Police: Site of biker gunfight refused to help prevent it

Nine “members of criminal biker gangs” are dead after a gunfight between rival gangs at a Texas Twin Peaks restaurant. Waco, Texas police say they partly blame the restaurant because they asked them not to host the meeting between the gangs. VPC

Photo: Rod Aydelotte, Waco Tribune-Herald via AP

WACO, Texas — Sunday’s deadly brawl at a Texas restaurant here could have been prevented by management at that restaurant, according to Waco police.

Sgt. Patrick Swanton said Waco police knew before Sunday that there would be trouble at the restaurant and had additional officers on the scene. Waco police had attempted to work with management at the local Twin Peaks restaurant before Sunday, but the restaurant refused.

Nine people were killed and at least 18 more were injured in a melee involving guns, knives, clubs and other paraphernalia.
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Source News: USA TODAY
Photo: Jerry Larson, AP