“Health and safety are our top priorities and this decision is a precautionary measure to reduce the possible spread of the Corona virus in society,” says Christian Clemens, CEO.

Until further notice, Stockholmsmassan will not conduct events with more than 500 people. This is a result of today’s directions issued by the Swedish government to limit public gatherings due to the recent increase in the spread of COVID-19 in Sweden.

Since January, Stockholmsmassan has closely followed the development of the Coronavirus in the world. During the past three weeks, a special crisis group have been working closely with a focus on managing the business ahead, due to the increased risk of spread in Sweden. Stockholmsmassan has continuously followed the recommendations and guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Following the authority’s and the government’s decision today to limit public gatherings to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, Stockholmsmassan is now acting accordingly.

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“Health and safety are our top priorities and this decision is a precautionary measure to reduce the possible spread of the Corona virus in society. We are the largest exhibition facility in the Nordic region and together with other companies in the industry we need to take responsibility. The focus now is on following the continued development of this situation and taking care of employees, partners and customers in the best possible way,” says Christian Clemens, CEO of Stockholmsmassan.

In the current situation and in the immediate near future, the ongoing large trade boat show Allt for sjon was closed at 19:00 tonight under controlled measures – the fair was meant to continue until 15th March. We are now reviewing all plans and actions for other fairs and events, and how they will be affected.

“This extraordinary situation affects our entire industry as well as society as a whole and we understand that it raises a lot of questions. We will come back with more information on how this will affect our exhibitors and organizers as soon as possible. We are currently working intensively to be able to answer questions that arise regarding our business, as a result of the government’s directions,” says Christian Clemens.

Visitors who bought tickets for the events that will be closed down due to the restrictions from the government will get a full refund.

“Of course, it is extremely regrettable that both visitors and exhibitors are affected by this, but for us at Stockholmsmassan it is crucial to follow the new recommendation from the Public Health Authority and the decision from the government. We will continue to follow their recommendations and decisions without speculating for how long major events will need to be closed down,” concludes Christian Clemens.

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