Suspected Boko Haram suicide attacks kill at least 13 in Cameroon

Twin suicide blasts have killed at least 13 people at a bar in a border town between Cameroon and Chad. The bombers dressed in women’s burqas and struck as locals were breaking the Ramadan fast.

At least 13 people have been killed in twin suicide attacks by suspected Boko Haram militants on Cameroon’s border with Chad.

Cameroon President Paul Biya said in a statement that 10 civilians, a Chadian soldier and the two assailants were killed in the blast at a bar in the town of Fotokol late on Sunday.
Seven soldiers, four from Chad and three from Cameroon, were among 17 people wounded in the attack.

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A military officer described how the first explosion went off inside the bar as people were breaking the Ramadan fast. The second went off as soldiers from a nearby special forces camp approached the bar.
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Source News: DW