Syria offers military help to Palestinians in Yarmouk camp

Damascus has promised weapons to Palestinians stranded in the Yarmouk refugee camp to stave off “Islamic State” terrorists. The European Union meanwhile has offered financial aid to help the remaining people in the camp.

Syria said Tuesday that it was ready to offer Palestinean refugees weapons to aid their fight against “Islamic State” (IS) terrorists, who seized parts of Yarmouk, a refugee camp barely seven kilometers (4.3 miles) outside Damascus, the Syrian capital.

Fierce clashes that marked the IS occupation of the area on April 1 ceased, but government forces continued to bomb the area. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdaq meanwhile said his government “had used all its efforts to present humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinian refugees” and helped them to exit the area. More than 2,000 refugees have fled the camp in the last few days.
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Source News: DW