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The Embassy of the United States of America in Doha warned against fraudsters who are making false promises about fake scholarships.

The embassy said in a tweet on its Twitter account that the embassy was informed of repeated fraud attempts, including some fraudsters communicating by phone or via e-mail to the targets and claiming that they were working with the American embassy in Doha or the Qatari embassies around the world.

The embassy added that the fraudsters require recipients to pay money to provide services related to educational opportunities in America or legal services to help them solve problems related to study programs they previously joined in America.

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 The fraudsters also claim that the FBI is aware of their cases and has initiated an investigation, thereby deluding the recipients of the need to pay.

The embassy called for attention to be paid to this type of fraud and not responding to it, adding: No American government agency, including the United States embassy in Doha, will ask anyone to pay money in exchange for educational or legal services.

The embassy clarified that when a person receives any call or e-mail stating that he is under investigation by the FBI or any other party and requests him to pay sums of money, please inform the Ministry of the Interior through any police station or call the hotline of the Center for E-Crime: 66815757 Or by e-mail: , and inform the embassy via e-mail:

It is worth noting that the education team at the embassy provides its services related to higher education in America, free of charge, for all residents of the State of Qatar.