EXCLUSIVE – Caught on camera: The moment Russian serial killer ‘cannibal Granny Ripper’ carries the severed head of her victim downstairs in a SAUCEPAN

This is the chilling moment a pensioner, dubbed ‘Granny Ripper’, leaves a flat carrying the severed head of her last victim in a saucepan.
Shocking CCTV pictures show alleged Russian serial killer Tamara Samsonova holding the cooking pot as she walks downstairs of an apartment block in St Petersburg, Russia.
Samsonova, 68, is suspected of murdering 11 people and eating them.

She was arrested last month after human limbs and other body parts were found strewn around her neighbourhood.

Samsonova has confessed to killing 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova, for whom she was a carer, and using a hacksaw to cut up her body, it is reported in Russia.
She is said to have carried the dismembered body parts belonging to Mrs Ulanova out of her apartment block in plastic bags, put her victim’s severed head into the cooking pan and carefully carried it downstairs.
Police in Russia have still not found the head or the saucepan, which may have been thrown in the rubbish and taken to landfill.

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Source News: Daily Mail