The Real Climate-Change Villain Isn’t China. It’s Congress

PARIS — With world leaders continuing to meet in Paris for the COP21 World Climate Summit, attending the so-called “Day of Examining the Data” was like entering an alternate reality in which conventional beliefs surrounding climate change are completely upended.

In this odd, parallel universe, CO2 is beneficial for the environment, global warming is a myth, mainstream climate science is bogus, a comprehensive climate change policy will destroy the economy, and the United Nations is a super villain bent on world domination.

On Monday, a group of about 30 people (mostly Caucasian men) gathered in a conference room at the Hotel California in Paris for a day of speeches and presentations designed to cast a skeptical eye on current climate change research. In that brightly lit space with rose-hued carpeting, an information table was set up displaying pamphlets with titles such as “Top 10 Global Warming Lies,” and “Climate Change Reconsidered.” Near the podium, a poster read: “We stand for More Freedom and Less Government.”

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