‘The victims are blanked out’
The co-pilot of flight 4U9525 allegedly failed to inform airline Germanwings that he was sick. He’s being blamed for the death of 150 people. DW interviewed psychologist Rudolf Egg about possible motives.

DW: Dr. Egg, the prosecutors’ office in Düsseldorf says the co-pilot was working despite being sick. Does this surprise you?
Rudolf Egg: If this is true, I’m not surprised. It would fit the picture of a person who’s struggling with a deep mental crisis and ends up committing suicide.

What clinical picture are we looking at when somebody not only kills himself but also 149 people at the same time?
There certainly is no uniform picture for this, and you can’t really do a psychological autopsy afterwards because the only things you have are clues and speculation. You can try to compare it with other cases in which the casualty figure is most likely far lower but the mental setup might have been similar.
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Source News: DW