Report: Torture is a European problem too

A day after Amnesty International published a report on Europe’s collusion with the CIA’s torture program, the Council of Europe published its own shocking survey of abuse in detention centers across the continent.

Guards in several European countries carried out reprisals against detainees who gave an interview to the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), the new CPT report has revealed. The council considers this a violation of the spirit of cooperation between the CPT and the Council of Europe’s member states.

According to the CPT’s 24th General Report, released on Wednesday, reprisals were carried out against prisoners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Spain, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Ukraine.

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“Intimidation or retaliation against persons the CPT has interviewed may not only violate their human rights but also strikes a blow to the preventive mechanism established by the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture,” CPT President Letif Hüseynov said in a statement. “I urge national authorities to respect their obligation to prevent, investigate and punish such actions.”
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Source News: DW