Two suspected terrorists linked to Boko Haram are charged with horrendous acid attack on holidaying British teenagers

In a blog post for U.S. political website The Hill, he wrote: ‘Assisted by investigators from the British police at New Scotland Yard and Interpol, the Tanzanian authorities later arrested for the crime members of Uamsho or “Awakening”.

Describing them as an ‘Islamic terrorist group with known links to Boko Haram’ which had previously targeted foreigners and Christians, he added the two men ‘have now been charged in court’.
Acid attacks have become the hallmark of the group which wants Zanzibar’s independence from Tanzania and Sharia law to be imposed on the island.
Witnesses described seeing two men on a moped drive past several other Western tourists before throwing acid at the girls.

Friends suggested they could have been targeted because they are Jewish. The girls were working as volunteer teachers at a Christian nursery school and there were concerns they were attacked as part of escalating religious tensions.

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Television images filmed after the attack showed one of them, obviously in pain, in the back of a car as they were taken to Zanzibar’s airport to be flown to the mainland for medical treatment.

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Source News: Daily Mail