Expert Altmann warns of ‘national catastrophe’ in Macedonia

Macedonia is grappling with its deepest political crisis since its independence from the former Yugoslavia. It could turn into a civil war, Eastern Europe expert Franz-Lothar Altmann warns.

DW: We’ve witnessed a rapid deterioration of the political and security situation in the Republic of Macedonia over the weekend – how do you rate these latest developments?

Franz-Lothar Altmann: The deterioration in fact increases the fear that things might completely get out of control, which will end up in civil war.

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In such a situation, extremist forces among the Albanians might feel encouraged to undertake terrorist action in order to further destabilize the country, opening the option for a complete collapse of the country and thus a final secession of the Albanian part.

The EU, and in particular Germany, which still has substantial influence as an alleged neutral broker with its much-declared sympathy for the country, must urgently address the government in Skopje and call for unconditional talks with the opposition. Otherwise, Macedonia´s democracy, weak as it already is, will end up in a national catastrophe.
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Source News: DW