Work continues to recover bodies from Germanwings crash site

Rescue workers have been gathering wreckage and recovering bodies trapped in the debris of the A320 that crashed last week. A road was being created for workers to transport aircraft parts.

Investigators were busy recovering bodies from the Germanwings A320 crash site in the French Alps on Sunday, German news agency DPA reported.

“The priority is to recover the bodies … by the end of the coming week. After that we can move on in a second stage to recovering the parts of the plane that are indispensable to getting at the truth,” French prosecutor Brice Robin told reporters.

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Workers were trying to create a track to transport aircraft parts which were too heavy to be transported by helicopters. They were also trying to look for the second flight recorder among the aircraft remains that had scattered around the site with “slopes of 40 to 60 degrees, falling rocks and ground that tends to crumble,” Patrick Touron, deputy director of the French police’s criminal research institute, told news agency AFP.
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Source News: DW