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Our embassy in London has issued an alert regarding the procedures and controls for travel and entry to the United Kingdom that have been implemented by the British government to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

She explained – according to the official account on Twitter – that the entry requirements of the United Kingdom on HIV Corona are:  as a
result of negative screening during the three days preceding the travel 
book examination package (at home) and pay for it  to
complete a form “determine the traveler site” 
and noted that you may be asked Show these details from immigration officers upon your arrival.

Access from Qatar
in the event of your arrival from Qatar (not included in the red list), our embassy explained that it would not need to do self – isolation in the hotel, but must do self – isolation at home for 10 days and follow the rules of examination Kovid – 19.
Red List
If you If you are traveling from one of the countries on the Red List, you must quarantine one of the hotels approved by the government for 10 days.
The early exit system cannot be used if you are quarantining in government approved hotels.

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The non-red list
and our embassy indicated that if you arrive from a country that is not on the red list, you must quarantine for a period of 10 days from entering the United Kingdom, and take a test for Covid-19 at home on days 2 and 8 of quarantine using the examination package provided by the examination and tracking service. If you want an early exit from quarantine, on Day 5, you must choose “Release to Test”, when completing the Form Locator Passenger and do an additional PCR examination at an accredited center on Day 5 after your arrival in addition to following the lockdown rules Patriotism.

For more information regarding these procedures by entering Britain, the embassy invited to review the British government website at the link