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Qatar Airways was ranked first in the Arab world and second in the world among the safest airlines for travel during the current year 2021, after a study that included about 385 companies.

According to the French newspaper Le Point, Australian Qantas Airlines came again on the ranking list of the website, which studied data for about 385 airlines, followed by Qatar Airways at the top of the list of the safest airlines to travel in 2021. According to Al Jazeera Net today.

The French newspaper said in its report that the year 2021 may be exceptional again if you want to travel by plane, given that the Corona epidemic “Covid 19” requires this, adding that despite the sharp decrease in air traffic last year, the “Airline Reading” website collected data For about 385 airlines to rank the ones that will be the safest to travel in the coming months.

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** selection criteria

Among the criteria taken into account are the age of the air fleet, the number of recorded serious accidents and government audits, as well as the governance bodies and the aviation industry, or measures put in place to deal with COVID-19.

“The challenge this year is the number of airlines that operate flights,” says Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of Airline Reading. “The 20 safest airlines we all have continued to organize flights, albeit in a limited way.”

He added that the Australian company Qantas – the oldest in service in the world – emerged in the ranking as this was already the case between 2014 and 2017, then 2019 and 2020, at a time when Air France was absent from the list of the top twenty.

The specialized site highlighted many of the criteria that have turned the scales in favor of Qantas, which is the undisputed leader in the development of the air navigation system in the future, according to the French newspaper report.

The Australian company created a system that allowed pilots to break their routine after the flight suspension period caused by Covid 19, as each pilot had to follow a 6-day program, with one day set aside in particular for entertainment.


** Country excels

According to the report, Qatar Airways and Air New Zealand joined the platform of the safest airlines for travel in 2021, so Qatar Airways came in second and Air New Zealand was third. While British Airways ranked tenth.

AirlineRating revealed the 10 best low-cost and safest airlines, among them Ryanair, easyjet and Wizz.

Here are the 20 safest companies in 2021:

1. Australian Qantas Corporation

2. Qatar Airways

3. Air New Zealand

4. Singapore Airlines

5. Emirates Airlines

6. Eva to fly

7. Etihad Airways

8. Alaska Airlines

9. Cathay Pacific Airlines

10. British Airways

11. Virgin Australia / Virgin Atlantic

12. Hawaiian lines

13. Southwest Lines

14. Delta lines

15. American Airlines

16. Scandinavian fonts

17. Finn Air

18. Lufthansa

19. Royal Dutch Airlines

20. United Airlines

It is noteworthy that Qatar Airways, throughout the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, continued to adhere to its mission of returning travelers to their countries, and its network of destinations did not fall below 33 global destinations, and it continued to fly to major cities around the world.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Qatar Airways became the largest international airline between April and July 2020, with 17.8% of global passenger traffic in April.

During the outbreak of the pandemic, the Qatari carrier helped; More than 3.1 million travelers return home, and has worked closely with governments and companies around the world to operate over 470 unscheduled flights and operate additional flights. The Qatari carrier also supported workers in certain sectors, such as the seafarers’ sector, as it brought more than 150,000 workers in the maritime navigation sector to their countries during the pandemic.

Qatar Airways was able to continue flying throughout the period of the Corona crisis, thanks to its diverse fleet of twin-engine aircraft that are efficient in fuel consumption, and the availability of air cargo capacity commensurate with the demand in each market; So it does not depend on a particular model of aircraft.

The Qatar Airways fleet includes 52 Airbus A350s and 30 Boeing 787s; In the last months of 2020, it received 3 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft, thus strengthening its position as the largest global operator of Airbus A350 aircraft with an average lifespan of approximately two and a half years per plane, and these three aircraft are also equipped with award-winning Qsuite seats. business men.