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 Al Baker: The partnership with PressReader provides a safe, contact-free entertainment option


New independent data released by the global provider of travel data confirmed that Qatar Airways is the largest airline in the world in terms of the number of available seats per kilometer (ASK), allowing its passengers to travel to a greater number of destinations than any other airline. Qatar Airways’ network of 130 destinations has provided more than 1,000 weekly flights; More than 2.6 billion seats per kilometer “ASK” will be available during the month of March 2021, to allow for travel to the largest number of international destinations.
Although the aviation sector faces unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Airways has never stopped operating its operations and has worked hard to transport travelers home safely throughout this crisis. Qatar Airways added seven additional new destinations over the past year, including; San Francisco and Seattle in the USA, Abuja, Accra and Luanda in Africa, Brisbane and Cebu in the Asia-Atlantic region.
His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways Group, said: “Qatar Airways has maintained its steadfast commitment to its passengers, business partners and companies throughout the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have also harnessed all our energies to be the airline that travelers can rely on. As well as applying the highest standards of sterilization and safety. We are grateful and proud of the response we received from our passengers, which enabled us to continue to provide the most flexible travel options for our passengers as the largest airline in the world. This independent data from the global travel data provider sheds light once again on the Qatar Airways’s mission As the airline that travelers and business partners can rely on now and in the future, we offer unparalleled travel options on board our modern and sustainable fleet. ”
On the other hand, Qatar Airways announced cooperation with PressReader to provide passengers with unlimited access to the content of more than 6 thousand global digital magazines and newspapers through the Oryx One entertainment application, as of March 2021.
Passengers will be able to reach the addresses they want by downloading the Oryx One app on their personal electronic devices, entering their reservation reference code in the “Newspapers and Magazines” field in the application and selecting the exclusive addresses they wish to save. This service will be available three days before and seven days after the scheduled trips, and the downloaded content will remain available within the digital library for users as long as the application is installed with them. This service aims to help reduce newspaper and magazine waste, whether on the ground or in flight, by more than one thousand tons every year. In addition, and unlike other airlines’ digital displays; Travelers will not have to log out of the Oryx One app or download any additional app to access the desired content.
The CEO of Qatar Airways Group said: “The experience of traveling on our flights has always been the cornerstone of the services that we look forward to providing to our travelers. We continue to strive to implement the highest standards of safety and excellence in all the services we provide, despite the many challenges that the sector faces. Aviation is a result of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.
His Excellency added, “Our partnership with Press Reader provides a safe and contact-free entertainment option, in addition to enhancing our passengers’ experience on board, and reinforces our commitment to preserving the environmental safety of which the Qatari carrier is concerned.”
Salam Al Shawa, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Media at Qatar Airways said: “We are pleased to be able to provide Qatar Airways passengers with access to thousands of titles from international magazines and newspapers in one seamless, contactless digital experience without the need to log out. From the Oryx One entertainment app.
Ms. Al Shawwa added, “In addition, through this partnership with Press Reader, we were able to find the optimal digital solution to reduce newspaper and magazine waste, whether on the ground or in flight, by more than a thousand tons every year.”