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Qatar Airways said it is working to facilitate the completion of more requests to recover hotel quarantine packages, announcing that more than 50,000 refund requests have been dealt with so far.

Through a series of tweets on her Twitter account, she expressed her appreciation for her customers’ patience, as it could take up to 60 days to recover bookings.

She indicated that she is aware of the increased demand for hotel quarantine rooms with the imposition of more restrictions that prohibit home quarantine for those coming from countries not included in the list of green countries, and that all teams work around the clock to ensure the continued safety of Qatar and its residents.

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She said: To this day, Qatar’s discovery has greatly contributed to maintaining the security and safety of the country, as it received more than 310,000 people in 65 hotels for quarantine purposes, and provided more than 5 million meals and to accomplish this matter, 240 employees worked tirelessly to serve Guests and support for the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health to control COVID-19.

And she continued: The challenge was great to find an effective and efficient hotel stone system in a short time, which later became an example for many countries. Our Refund Processing Team works around the clock to ensure requests are completed within 60 days of submission, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please send your refund requests to