Qatar Attractions


Visit Qatar, You can see and enjoy spectacular places in Qatar

Qatar has many spectacular attractions and historical sites providing tourists with things to do and sights to see during their visit. Qatar Attractions in below:


Al-Jassasiya Rock Carvings

Al-Jassasiya is one of the most interesting places in Qatar. Visitors of this site can admire lots of glyphs carved in stone. Its complexity varies from simple geometric shapes to complex “pictures” of animals.

There are many opinions regarding the age of the glyphs. In 15th century there was a settlement close the site, but many experts believe the carvings are much older. Others point out, that the rocks are very soft and can erode “quickly” and thus the glyphs have to be more recent.

Al-Jassasiya Rock Carvings (Qatar Attractions)



Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of Islamic Art in Doha is quite new (opened to public in December 2008) but it immediately became the largest museum in Qatar.

It houses one of the most complete collections of Islamic artifacts in the world. Exhibited items come from Spain to India and visitors can admire collections of ceramics, jewelry, glass, items made of ivory and much more.

The museum’s building was designed by famous architect I.M.Pei and he insisted on building it on a tiny island in Doha harbour.

Museum of Islamic Art doha Qatar (Qatar Attractions)



Zubara Fort

Zubara Fort is an ancient looking building that was actually built in 1938 on the remains of an older castle. Until 1980s it served as a station for coast guards. In 1987 it became a museum which houses exhibitions of pottery, coins and other findings from the nearby archeological site of Al-Zubarah town.

Zubara_Fort (Qatar Attractions)



Al-Khoot Fort

Al Koot Fort Museum is one of the old military fortresses in Doha. Al Koot means fort and also jail. Located in the Al Bidda area of Doha, and the site of the old town, in the midst of the souq area, it was built in 1880 as a police station and afterwards it was used as a jail in 1906. Today it is used as a museum. The whole building was submitted to a renewing procedure in 1978. Qatari traditional handcrafts, products and photos of daily life with illustrations are housed there. Exhibits include Bedouin Sadu, handcrafts, gypsum and wooden ornaments, fishing equipment and boats, historical photos, artwork including oil paintings of craft workers and daily life.

Al-Khoot Fort (Qatar Attractions)



Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers were built at the beginning of the 20th century as watch towers to protect the surrounding area from Ottomans that was already defeated but still lurked the land.

Nowadays Barzan Towers attract many visitors from nearby Doha and it is worth the trip even thought during renovation works interiors were equipped with air-conditioning that spoils authenticity of the towers. On the other hand it makes the visit more comfortable especially during hot summer months.

Barzan Towers (Qatar Attractions)



Doha Zoo

one of the biggest zoo in Qatar.

Parks_Zoo (Qatar Attractions)



The Pearl

The pearl is the best places In Qatar . There is restaurants like:The elevation Burger & Entrecote & Armani caffe, stickhouse for ice creams and many others, also there is modern stores like Aigner & Just Cavali & a lot of amazing stores , there is a place to walk and shop , Not only restaurants and shopping ! There is also many things there ,visit the pearl it’s really a nice place!

The Pearl-Qatar (Qatar Attractions)


Al-Thagab fort

Al-Thagab is a fort built in traditional style (rectangular ground plan with a tower in each of its corners). Similarly to Al-Zubarah fort Al-Thagab has three of these defensive towers rounded while the last one is rectangular.

The fort was restored in 2003 and only traditional construction techniques were used so that visitors can see the fort in the shape it was built back in 18th century.

Al-Thagab Fort (Qatar Attractions)



Fanar (Qatar Islamic Cultural Center)

You can visit their website

fanar-islamic-cultural-center-in-qatar- (Qatar Attractions)



Qatar National Museum

Qatar National Museum – description indicates museum is closed due to construction but that should be completed in 2014.  It’s now 2015.

Qatar National Museum (Qatar Attractions)