08 Apr 2018 – 15:53

Qatar calls for urgent international probe into chemical weapons use in Syria

Children look out of the window of a bus upon their arrival at the Abu al-Zindeen checkpoint near the northern Syrian town of al-Bab after Jaish al-Islam fighters and their families from the former rebel bastion’s main town of Douma were evacuated from the last rebel-held pocket in Eastern Ghouta on April 3, 2018. AFP / Nazeer al-Khatib


Doha: Qatar strongly condemned the use of the chemical weapons by the Syrian regime in the eastern city of Douma, calling for an urgent international investigation and bringing the war criminals in Syria to international justice.
The Foreign Ministry said in a statement today that Qatar’s deep shock at the horror of this horrific crime that shook the conscience of humanity, and stressed the impunity of war criminals in Syria has led to their continued perpetration of further violations and atrocities and undermined efforts to achieve justice and redress the victims.
The statement stressed that any political solution in Syria will not lead to a successful and sustainable outcome without the punish of those who are involved in the commission of these terrible crimes, and describing the silence as a stain on the forehead of humanity.