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Today, Qatar Development Bank participated in the International Conference on Development Financial Institutions, which was held “remotely”, under the title “Technology Empowerment for Sustainable Development”, in which several financial institutions from the Asia-Pacific region participated.

The conference discussed development issues, the role of technology in facing the economic and social consequences of the Corona pandemic, and ways to move forward in the march of sustainability and growth.

The conference was held under the management and supervision of the Association of Development Financial Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, the Association of Financial Development Corporation in Malaysia, and the Association of National Development Finance Institutions in the Member States of the Islamic Development Bank, and it aimed to open horizons for discussion and ways of joint action between international development institutions, to share experiences and benefit from The successes of the participating members, hoping to address the consequences of the Corona pandemic and overcome the challenges that accompanied it and hindered the renaissance march of many countries around the world.

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Qatar Development Bank received an invitation to participate in the conference as one of the most prominent development financial institutions in Asia and the world, which was able to transform the pandemic challenge into an opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation strategy, the latest of which was the launch of the digital platform “Nomu”, which culminated in the bank’s march in digital transformation in the year. The past, along with many other digital solutions in all fields that benefited the bank’s customers in the midst of the pandemic, attracting attention to it to benefit from its successful experience, in addition to the fact that Qatar Development Bank oversees the first business environment in West Asia and North Africa, and the third at the level Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2019.

Among the speakers at the conference were Mr. Haji Amzad bin Muhammad, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, Mr. Dato Nur Halim Yunus, CEO of Malaysia Technology Development Company, and Ms. Amna Ahmed Al Mazrouei, Director of Customer Experience Department at Qatar Development Bank.

The conference, which was attended by more than 1500 people from 23 countries, discussed several economic issues, on top of which is digital and technological transformation and its expected prospects to contribute to a new economic renaissance around the world, and the role of financial development institutions in enabling technology to support the sustainable development goals.

The conference focused on the necessity of a comprehensive approach when talking about economic development in a way that includes development in all sectors, including education, health, social development and increasing job opportunities, while addressing issues of climate change and environmental protection.

The world is currently witnessing a strong economic downturn, the first of its kind since the end of the last century, with increasing unemployment rates, the loss of a large number of companies, and the economic closures that affected several countries, in addition to the contraction of global trade and tourism, which threatens to push 71 million people into poverty.