Hussein Arqab

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The “crowd fund insider” website published a report in which he talked about the reality of Fintec in Qatar during the last stage, stressing that financial technology has made great progress in the local banking sector, which is becoming one of the latest technologies used in this field, in order to improve the quality of services Provided, and to facilitate the process of clearing transactions for customers, whose innovations currently used in banks have contributed to raising the quality of services that they wish to obtain, indicating that the growth recorded so far in this sector is only the beginning of the next stage, in which local banks seek To continue to follow this approach and move towards digital transformation, as one of the main aspects of the nature of its work, based on the efforts made by Qatar Development Bank in the framework of participation in the process of transition to a knowledge-based digital economy.


The site stressed that the financial technology sector has become the primary competitor to the traditional services sector in Doha, relying on the statements of Mr. Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa, CEO of Qatar Development Bank, who said that Fintech in Qatar has come a long way forward in the past years, This is thanks to the great coordination between the various banks, especially the Qatar Development Bank, which has made clear progress in establishing a world-class financial technology center in Qatar, in cooperation with the Qatar Central Bank and the Qatar Financial Center.

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The site added that the digital transformation in Qatar is considered a successful model for financial technology, which should be followed in the Middle East and North Africa regions, especially as it was built on the best supportive foundations for this sector, in the forefront of which are innovative platforms that allow users to access commercial financing and exchange assets and digital payments. Various services and added value, pointing out that the government’s focus on creating smart infrastructure will contribute to helping banks succeed in developing financial technology locally, and reaching them to reach all the goals under the Qatar Vision 2030, and seeking to establish Qatar’s position among the best countries in the world In various sectors.