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The State of Qatar affirmed that the role of sport in preventing violence between youth, in combating crime and drugs, achieving peace and dialogue among civilizations, is one of the pillars of the global program of the Doha Declaration issued by the Thirteenth United Nations Conference on Crime Prevention and Achieving Criminal Justice, which was held in April 2015.

This came in the speech of the State of Qatar delivered by His Excellency Sultan bin Salmeen Al Mansouri, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Austria and its permanent representative to the United Nations and international organizations in Vienna, before a hypothetical meeting organized by the United Nations Office in Vienna on Drugs and Crime on “the impact of sport in preventing violence between Youth and in the fight against crime and drugs

Al-Mansoori said, “Over the course of more than five years, great achievements have been made in enhancing the ability of member states to use sport to empower youth and strengthen their life skills, in a way that gives a positive character to their lives and their communities in the context of accelerating the achievement of the sustainable development goals.”

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He added that the State of Qatar realized, at an early stage, the essential role of sport in preventing crime and promoting economic and social development stipulated in the Qatar Vision 2030, and established the Ministry of Sports and Culture and the Qatari Federation for “Sport for All” and spreading sports culture in general to achieve these goals and promote a better future for the Qatari society. .

He also noted that the State of Qatar has managed over the past forty years to become a proactive player in contributing strongly to sporting activities at the regional and international levels, including organizing regional and international sports competitions and tournaments, the last of which is the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

In the conclusion of his speech, His Excellency Ambassador Sultan Al-Mansoori stressed the need to build on the legacy and achievements of preventing youth crimes, depending on the element of sport, by entering into partnerships with governments, sports organizations and civil society, and in a way that supports sports culture within society.