The GCC blockade affected the country to large extent especially the essential imports. Qatar though took up it as a challenge to be self-sufficient. It started many projects to promote “produce in Qatar” which have started yielding impressive results.

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In food self-sufficiency, Qatar has made major developments in poultry and dairy products. As per recent statement issued by Saleh al Marri of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), Qatar has achieved 98 percent self-sufficiency in poultry with a total production of 21,500 tonnes of chicken.

As per Marri’ further statement there has also been a considerable development in achieving self-sufficiency of dairy products. He stated that the country has already achieved 82% self-sufficiency and the coming six month are expected to lead to 100% self-sufficiency in dairy products.

As per statement given to ‘The Peninsula’ Saleh Jarallah Al Marri said “we are trying to cover 100 percent need of frozen chicken in local market this year and to increase self-sufficiency of the country in dairy products from existing 82 percent to 100 percent during next six months.”

He explained that the ministry is planning on covering big portion of the need of red meat and eggs during next two years and is simultaneously working on four new dairy farms that will add to the existing capability to produce of the three functional farms making the total of seven dairy farms in the country.

He also explained that there are 11 functional poultry farms in the country and license has been granted to 12 new projects. Soon, a total of 23 poultry farms will be operational in the country which will enable to reach self-sufficiency targets.

Al Marri clarified that “All existing farms are working to complying Qatari specifications to compete the imported products. During recent past, we noticed growing demands for local products by the consumers that reflects the quality of the local products”.

From the time government has taken self-sufficiency drive, there has been considerable increase in food production like livestock and dairy products. The continued progress indicates that soon Qatar will be self-sufficient in most of the essential products.